Q. My Vet told me that my 8 year old Golden Retriever needs to have Steroid shots for his skin condition, is this a good idea?

A. Steroids, given over a period of time, can cause damage to a dogs Kidneys and even the Liver, avoid them unless there is NO other treatment available.

Q. Is there any dog breed that does not respond to your product?

A. We had a case, many years ago, of two Shih Tzu’s that didn’t respond at all, as it turned out, both were from a Amish Puppy Mill in Penn.  Even though they had different owners.  Sadly, we simply couldn’t help them at all. We have treated others of that breed without a problem.

Q. I have a horse that gets ‘rain rot’ every year just along the spine, will your product help with that?

A. We too had a horse like that, we would give her one shampoo and lotion treatment with our product and it would go away for the rest of the season.  Though we had to do this once a year, every year.  Other customers have used our product for rain scald on legs and other skin problems. We have also successfully treated Alpacas, a pair of Mongoose, and several rabbits.  As for cats, at least a few dozen that we can recall!

Q. My Dog weighs over 200 lbs(Giant breed) how many kits will I need to purchase to treat him?

A. Congrats!  We love Big Dogs and we cannot lie!  We think that 2 kits will treat your dog 3 times, though it may need more treatments than that if the problem is severe, and also, if your dog has long hair, it will take more shampoo and lotion.

Q. Do I have to bathe my dog or cat all over, for every treatment?

A. Not always, first treatment it’s advisable (following the directions that are included) after that you can shampoo the afflicted area, leave it to soak, if there are scabs to remove, if not, just rinse, and then dry and apply the lotion as directed.

Q. What is the shelf life of your product?

A.  We can’t be sure, we’ve had people use it a few times, put the rest away and then wait a few years to use it again,  but make sure you shake it up before using!