Mike Raven was living in Charleston, Oregon, in the early 1980’s and showing his English Mastiffs.  He noticed that his dogs would come down with ‘Hot Spots’ after almost every show.  After trying many over the counter medications, and spending a great deal of money on Veternarian visits, he decided to experiment, on himself, to find the right solution.


Mike later moved to Simi Valley, CA where he was able to get a group of 50 dogs to be his test subjects to see if his product would work with dogs other than his own.  He found that his product did indeed work on over 95% of the dogs tested! (see our Gallery page for more photos and info about the test dogs).

Mike now resides in Sleepy Valley, CA with his Partner of the past 18 years, T. R.(Tru) Talbott.  They are currently owned by four cats, Diva, Tazmin, Slinky and Slasher, and one dog, a JRT/ Corgie mix, Simba.

Mike Raven with Zeus, one of many English Mastiffs he has owned.

Mike is also a talented Stained Glass artisan and has had his work exhibited alongside LC Tiffinys work in Florida.


Summer Itch Hot Spot Canine Skin Disorder is a general desription of the itching and scratching skin problems and dog skin rashes often diagnosed as; Pyoderma, Eczema, Seborrhea, Acute Moist Dermatitis, Atopic Lick Dermatitis, Flea and Food or Environmental Skin Allergies, Pemphigus, Thyroid Deficiencies, and Yeast infections, Auto Immune disorders and Black Skin Disease.

It is widely believed that the causes of Canine Summer Itch Hot Spots may be related to fleas, diet, allergies or inbreeding. While these factors may contribute to the animals inability to cope with this painful malady, we do not believe that they are the basic root cause of the itchy skin problem.

Our new approach to this problem is producing excellent results and statistically we have been able to effectively control more than 95% of all the dogs we have treated.

Our HOT SPOT KIT consists of 4oz. of our special tearless antiseptic shampoo to wash the dog and 2 oz. of our specially formulated soothing lotion to be used directly on the skin of the affected areas after the dog has been bathed and dried. This procedure should be repeated about every 7 days (depending on the dogs progress), until the dog isn’t scratching or chewing anymore. The number of treatments vary from dog to dog, but positive results should be observed within 24 to 48 hours. Our kits are designed to give a 60 LB, medium-coat dog approximately 3 treatments which in many cases is sufficient to control the itchy skin problem (however severe cases may take more treatments – the worst case in our test was controlled in about 8 weeks). There are no complicated procedures for the use of our products, It is safe to use without gloves or special equipment, and complete instructions and ingredients are included with the Hot Spot Kit.

We have not received any report of an allergic reaction to our products or adverse interaction with any medication. We have found, however, using other topical remedies in an effort to help promote healing during treatments may actually slow down the healing process.

Methods of flea control such as Frontline or Advantage should not interfere with the use our Product. However, flea spray and powders on open wounds might irritate the skin and slow the healing process.

Our HOT SPOT KITS are NON-TOXIC and safe to use on Pregnant and Nursing animals!

Dogs with; Parasites, such as Mange (Sarcoptic or Demodectic), are not suffering from Hot Spots conditions. Veterinarians can determine with skin scrapings if these parasites are present. These animals need to be treated with an insecticide. Our product is not designed to treat this type of infestation.

Raven Pet Products are painless to use, cruelty free and all the ingredients we use are certified for use on Humans and Animals. The ingredients are also designed for low toxicity and Hypo-Allergenic properties.

The ingredients in our products are benign and pain-free, and do not require the use of gloves or any other protective procedures.

RAVEN PET PRODUCT’S HOT SPOT KIT is satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days for thepurchase price (not including shipping and handling). A list of ingredients is available upon request.

Customers have also reported the successful use of our products in the treatment of several Horses, Cats, Ferrets, an Alpaca, at least one Rabbit, and a Mongoose with similar Pet skin rash problems.

As far as we know, we are the only company providing photographic and statistical documentation to support our claims of successful treatments.

Help your Pet Kick the Drug Habit!